My ADHD diagnosis journey

So this is a life update on my blog about me – One of the things I try to be honest about in my life is about some of my struggles – particularly with being someone who is neurodivergent. I have known that I am different from a young age. Sadly at times the way that this was expressed was negatively, particularly from teachers – at a young age I was called slow coach, which has impacted me and my own self esteem over the years. I have often worked on this by promoting positive self talk. I have at times found it hard to read, to concentrate,and sometimes find it hard to follow through with day to day tasks. Over the years I have discovered that have dyslexia (Whch I knew about from a young age, then discovered a few years ago that i have dyspraxia).

About three years ago now we found out that Mr 7 has ADHD. At that time i didn’t suspect i had it. I only thought that i had Dyslexia and Dyspraxia. I didn’t present as the normal “ADHDer”, but i know that i did have deep issues with self, and could at times get really highly anxious. I spent a lot of time reading about ADHD, how it presented, and then noticed that i had some of the tell tale signs of ADHD myself.

In about the middle of the year I decided to go and get a referal for an ADHD diagnosis.

For adult ADHD in New Zealand there are two ways in which you can go down for a diagnosis. 1) Psychologist 2) Psychiatrist. Psychologist’s can do a report for you but they can not provide stimulant ADHD medication. For this you will need to see a Psychiatrist. For adult adhd – there are two tracks – 1) Private – this is expensive and most time the mimimum is just under $1000, 2 Public-this doesn’t cost but there are limited public spots available

The steps for referal are 

  1. Talk to your GP about a ADHD diagnosis, what your symptoms are, how long they have been present. They will write a general note to a specialist,
  2. Arrange an appointment with a specialist – like I said – I would recommend a Psychiatrist as they can do all in one – and you will be able to trial medication straight away.
  3. Once you have arranged an appoitment your specialist will send you some screening exercises to complete, these will include something like the CARRs observer and self forms or the DIVA vs 5 for Adult ADHD.
  4. Interview – the interview will be with the specialist. They will ask you when symptoms have presented, about other medication you take, any other psychological disorders you may have. 
  5. You will receive a report outlining whether you have an adhd diagnosis or not
  6. If you have seen a Psychiatrist they will prescribe you with a stimulant medication – usually on a low dose, they will ask you to report how you are feeling, any symptoms you have and will adjust accordingly.

I have bee diagnosed with mild ADHD – mainly inattentive – but also meet the criteria for low level hyperactive ADHD as well. I’m currently trialing 20 mg two times a day of Rubifen (Methylphenidate) – which is assisting me – i feel calmer on it and it is assisting me with following through at home and in life as well.

I will try and write a little bit more over the next while about my journey – what i’m noticing, how it is helping, what i’m struggling with.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

2 thoughts on “My ADHD diagnosis journey

  1. Thank you for sharing part of your life journey story. I have a recently diagnosed child with ADHD so this is very helpful!


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