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I am a Provisional Member Registered with NZAC. I have a Bachelor of Counselling from Weltec. The past two years I have worked with clients through a range of issues, in particular, Trauma, Grief and Loss, Anxiety, Stress and Life Change. I work three days a week in a specialist counselling service working with young people.

I have an interest in working cross-culturally and a strong interest in working with those who are neurodivergent. I am ADHD, Dyslexic and Dyspraxic and I parent a child who has ADHD. I understand through my life experiences the challenges and rewards parenting those with neurodiversity can bring and have navigated numerous challenging issues that these bring.


I am a trained counsellor who offers zoom and phone sessions , these are professional and confidential and tailored to you. You can read more about my counselling service and rates here.

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Please email me at contact@nathanaeldeigratia.com if you want to know more about my services


My experience trialing ADHD Medication

Note- this is not medical opinion – this is just based on experience. If you need support with medication please seek that from your medical professional As you may know from my last blog post – I was recently diagnosed with ADHD. As part of this I have been trialling ADHD medication. Currently i am…

My ADHD diagnosis journey

So this is a life update on my blog about me – One of the things I try to be honest about in my life is about some of my struggles – particularly with being someone who is neurodivergent. I have known that I am different from a young age. Sadly at times the way…

I’m always here to chat about how I can best serve your needs. Please feel free contact me!

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